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Are you rearranging your office space? Adding new employes? Sick of the same old speed dial buttons but don't know how to change them? Well our trained technicians will come to your site to help you with all of your telecommunication needs, including adds and changes, moves, and system programming.



Service of all Definity Systems, System 75, Prologic, Definity Voice Mail, and Intuity Voice Mail






Sales and Service of ACS, Endeavor, Partner II, Partner Plus, and Partner Voice Mail Solutions

Simply because you're an entrepreneur, there's no reason you should be denied sophisticated features. You deserve Voice- Mail, Caller ID, PC "screen pop" of customer files, wireless extension telephones and cordless headsets. In fact the sharp-eyed critics at TELECONNECT magazine declared that, "The Partner ACS stands out for better PC-integration and superior attached...voice mail/auto attendant, wireless and other goodies." And they proceeded to recognize the Partner ACS with the 1997 Product of the Year Award.

Partner Voice Mail Solutions

Partner voice mail solutions are designed to help your customers' employees work more effectively and be more available to callers while keeping their communications costs firmly under control. Partner voice mail solutions come sized and priced to fit customers needs.

Partner Voice Messaging R2.0 ---- Partner Mail VS R5.0
  • 2 ports

  • 4 mailboxes, 10 minutes of storage
    with each mailbox

  • Single-level automated attendant

  • Transfer out of voice mail capability

  • Password protection

  • 2-to-4 ports

  • 100 hours of storage

  • Multi-lingual prompts

  • Cascade out calling

  • Up to 4 automated attendants

  • Program backup and restore standard


Sales and Service of Merlin 4/10, 8/20, 10/30, 30/70, and Merlin Plus Systems







Sales and Service of Spirit 308, 616, 1224, and 2448 Systems

The Spirit 308 System capacity may be easily doubled by adding the Spirit 616 Expansion Unit. Now your small Spirit System has the capacity for 16 telephones! The Spirit 1224 is the largest Spirit System and may be easily expanded into an even larger system by adding line and extension cards. The Spirit 1224/2448 allows for the addition of a Lucent Technologies Call Accounting System (CAS) to track, bill back, and monitor call activity.